Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ananlogy Back Knots?

Once a week, I get an update telling me how many people have visited my blog each day. One of the features shows me what people type into a Google search box that brought them to my blog. I run across some funny things sometimes, like the following that brought someone to my blog just this week:
"tapestry ananlogy back knots God."

Now what in the world do those words even have in common and why did Google link to my blog based on these words? And what the heck is an "ananlogy?" I think it must be a typo for "analogy."

Anyway, the other searches that brought people to my blog this week are much more run of the mill. I've listed the most common searches for this week (just because I know how curious you are about this):

traveling together
poems about traveling together
gena larson
jesus protected me
it's all because of jesus i'm alive
Uppercase Living Modesto
"before he speaks" pastors wives

Isn't your life complete now? :-) Just doing my job passing on interesting (and useless) information. You can thank me later!


RWC said...

I know I can sleep better tonight!

Kelly Rae said...

If I type "tapestry, back, knots, God and analogy" but I spell it correctly will I still be led to your blog?

Jason Hicks said...

Hilarious....I decided to do the should see my winner.

Lei Elisaia said...

lol.. you are very funny and I just realized that I met you on the morning of Servolution, asking you if you had any sign ups for the walk-ins and I just now realized that you are Pastor Dave's wife. hahahaha.. it went right over my head. Have a blessed weekend!!

Gena Larson said...

Ron, glad I could help!
Kelly, what did you find out?
Jason, I'm curious now.
Lei, you'll have to come up to me on Sunday and re-introduce yourself. I met so many people and was so scattered during sign in, that it was hard to remember the faces which went with the names. Thanks for commenting! :-)

Kelly Rae said...

Gena, Your blog didn't come up, I guess you minister best to the poor spellers =)

You've got to meet Lei again-- she's awesome! She and her sweet, sweet girls helped my mom collect cans. Elyse is still talking about how much fun she had with Lei's daughters. (Hi, Lei!)