Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bullet Points

I don't have much time, so I'm trying out a new format: 
Quick thoughts in bullet points.  Here goes:
  • It's HOT! Have you noticed? I thought not.
  • Blessed to have my nieces spending the night with us tonight; we laughed throughout the ridiculously dangerous "Wipeout" TV show.
  • Received some good medical news today.
  • Met a friend in Modesto for lunch today.  It was nice to catch up with her so I know how to pray.
And on to a new topic -
  • Some questions for you:  Do you find that you are offended easily?  Do you get your feelings hurt often?
  • I've been mulling over the concept of being offended for the last little while after speaking with someone who has a friend that seems to be offended frequently.
  • Some thoughts on being offended to come in the next few posts, but I wanted us to have a chance to think through how we respond to situations/people who anger, irritate, annoy, or hurt us.
  • I feel like I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone to share my thoughts on this subject, but I also feel perhaps we need to grow up in the area of having our feelings hurt, so I'm willing to take the risk.
Stay Cool!

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