Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My youngest daughter made this for me for Mother's Day, and this morning I was treated to breakfast prepared by my two youngest ones.  Yeah, I'm blessed.

On Mother's Day, my heart is also with those women who are trying so hard to have a baby or who are unable to have a baby.  I know that many of them stay home from church on Mother's Day, and I don't blame them because it can be so painful.  There are also those who have lost their moms or grandmothers, and this day brings grief and heartache.  Although most of us think of Mother's day as a positive thing, please remember and be sensitive to those who have a hard time with this day.  They don't wish to have us not celebrate, but it means so much when their feelings are considered and validated.  

Next posts?  "A Long Time Coming" and "Servolution Snapshots."

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blessedmommie said...

So glad you had a special day, and most deserved. You are a wonderful mother and your kiddos are so blessed to have you guiding them through their lives. Your comments about being sensitive to those who have a hard time on Mother's Day are so thoughtful, and true. Also I think of those who've lost a child, or those with wayward or estranged children, or even those mothers whose children are grown who realize great mistakes they made and wish they could go back and do things differently, but can't. There really is a lot of heartache for many women on this day. Allen spoke at church yesterday and one of the parts he included in his message was about forgiving our own mothers. This is something the Lord has been working a LOT on in both of our lives (not just with our mothers but forgiveness, starting with our parents).
sorry to write so much! Love you!