Monday, October 5, 2009

You Might Say, "Ouch!"

I was directed to this video through an email that I received. Since you find yourself here at my blog (regardless of what brought you here - internet search, link from another blog, or simply checking in), you might want to watch this. You can check out Josh's blog HERE, if you haven't been convicted not to after seeing this video clip.

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Denissa said... I can say. I almost feel guilty for leaving a comment only because this is EXACTLY how I've felt lately. I've really been feeling like I waste and spend way too much time on line. It was so crazy true how he was saying how one link leads to another! Before you know it you've wasted hours away. My realization lately has been that all the time that I've wasted could've been time that I could've spent in my Bible..hard to swallow but so, so true.