Monday, April 6, 2009

Mish Mash Mondays

The weeks just fly by, don't they? 

I love Monday mornings because I always get together with some friends for coffee after we drop our kids off at school and talk about all sorts of things.  It's a great way to start the week, and it's great to have those few minutes to connect, because, Lord knows, our week will only get crazier from there!  Our youngest children were all off-track last month so we didn't meet, but I was blessed enough to meet with four other gals at my house.  Good times.

Tonight was our staff wives' get-together; always a good time!  We met at Mundo's and enjoyed a lovely dinner out on the patio; the weather was gorgeous! We then came back to my house to continue our visit and shared some great laughs.  I love those women!

Yesterday, Dave spoke about two processions of people ("Walking Towards Life" from Luke, chapter 7) - one group was a funeral procession with a dead body, grief, and hopelessness, and another group heading towards them with eager anticipation of what would happen next because Jesus was leading the way.  Jesus brought the boy back to life!  Dave then said something I had never considered before; Jesus never conducted a funeral (that we have record of in scripture); he just eliminated the need for one.  Good insight for me to consider.  Point being, Jesus is calling us to come to life!    He is walking towards us, ready to bring us to life if we will get close to him, listen to him, and believe in him.  You can listen to Dave's message HERE.

The band played the "Dirty" Servolution theme song; great job! Servolution is just 32 days away!  Have you signed up yet?   Also, if you know of a project to recommend, you can fill out a "Job Request Form" to let us know.  Remember, we want to do projects that actually meet a real need for someone in our community.  Get your neighbors, friends, and family involved.  This event is being organized by New Life, but everyone, everywhere is encouraged to sign up whether they attend here or not.  Many people are just looking for an opportunity to make a difference, and we are providing an easy avenue for them to step out to serve.  There are so many great needs in Turlock and the surrounding communities that all are needed and welcome to participate.

Okay, I think that's it for this Mish Mash Monday.  It's just a little sampling of some of the things rumbling about in this head of mine!  :-)  Have a great week! 

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