Monday, March 30, 2009

Mish Mash Mondays

Yesterday, I was able to be at all three church services, and it was a great day. I always come home from church with notes written all over my bulletin. Now, you might think all the notes are inspiration I receive from the messages that Dave shares (and many of them are), but so many of the notes are about people that I met, people that I want to write a note to, people and things that I want to pray for, people I see serving so willingly and cheerfully, or questions that people have asked me that I need to find answers to. In fact, I usually come home with such extensive lists that there is no way I could realistically contact and take care of all the things I write down. So, I thought I might start the week with a mish mash of notes and ideas from my Sunday bulletin notes, hence the name, Mish Mash Mondays.
  • At all three services yesterday, my friend, Robin, shared about her new non-profit ministry called The Power of Seven. If you missed it, please click on the link to learn more. Their mission is to assist those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless with essential needs: housing (rental) costs, transportation expenses, and daily necessities (food, clothing, and the like) so that these individuals may get on their feet as they move toward independence. What a great idea and organization! Please consider signing up to be a monthly donor. Come on; you have $7.00 dollars a month to help out, don't you?
  • I LOVE the new set design and thank God for Pastor Jon's artistic talents that he so willingly shares with us all. Aren't we blessed?
  • I just love Frank and Chris who are leading the FPU (Financial Peace University) class from 3:00 - 5:00 in the afternoon. They are absolutely so excited to see what is happening in people's finances as they learn to operate in accordance to God's principles.
  • I appreciated Dave's strong words to students and parents. Yes, we all need to "wake up!" God is already at work and longing to work in even greater ways through us when we are willing to rouse ourselves from our slumber. You can go HERE to listen to the message.
  • No, the cut on Dave's head is NOT from me! :-) That happened in a much more mundane manner than being hit by a hockey puck; he had been outside, bending over to pick up bush trimmings, and he came up under the end of a railing and scratched out a big hunk of skin from his head. "That's the reason you should wear a hat," I told him. Am I the sympathetic wife or what? :-)
Okay, that's it for the first ever Mish Mash Mondays, but I'll probably be sharing more on consequent Mondays, so come on back to see my take on Sundays.

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