Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bloggie Awards

I knew I was in on something.  Really.  I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's blog,  Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, for a couple of years now, and it seems that this particular blog has been a favorite of many others, as well.  In fact, this blog just won the coveted WEBLOG OF THE YEAR award, and she was in a category with of some of the biggest names in the bloggy world!  Good for her!

But, Ree Drummond didn't just win the granddaddy of all the Bloggie awards, she also won the award for best photography with her Pioneer Woman Photography blog.  If you are in to taking pictures, you need to check her blog out because it's so informative and educational.  

And, on top of all that, The Pioneer Woman won the award for best design!  All in all, I'd say she had a very successful night, but she took it all in true pioneer spirit with humor and humility (well, the pioneers probably didn't find their life too amusing for the most part so perhaps the humor thing doesn't quite fit, but I digress). 

One of my favorite parts of the Pioneer Woman's web page is  The Pioneer Woman Cooks!  She shares great recipes and step by step pictures and instructions, so you should check it out during all the free time that you have.  (I know; I know; I don't have much free time either, but Ree's blog is one that I make time for; in fact, it is sent to my inbox everyday so that I am sure never to miss an entry.)

I just wanted to share my happiness in Ree's success. :-)  But if you'd like a list of all blogs nominated, go HERE.  Some of them are really great, so you might want to check them out.  (Amazingly, my blog didn't make it on to any list!  How can that be?)

For an article on all last night's winners, including some information on Ree, go HERE.  

Happy Blog-Hunting!

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