Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I still have no words after our women's retreat.  God spoke so greatly to my heart (in ways that I didn't even expect) and although it's been two days since we arrived home, I still haven't totally processed all that happened in and through all of us who were there.  All I know is that God is on the move, and we've only just begun to see the freedom and victory that is in store as we step out from fear to faith!  

And the unexpected and absolutely overwhelming gift and cards from all of the women there and in our church also leaves me speechless.  I was so confused and then so utterly swallowed in your love that I will never forget that moment.  As I went back to my seat to sit down, I was enveloped in the hugs of the two women sitting on either side of me, and all I can say is that, "Something broke" in me and God said some very specific words to my heart.   I don't feel free to share those thoughts on this blog yet, but let's just say, a message from God broke through all of my barriers in that moment!  There were tears. The good kind.

Upon arriving home, I spent hours reading the cards and then had to take some time to journal the feelings and thoughts swirling in my head and heart.   I am still feeling the love, ladies!  :-)  I have always said how blessed we are to be called to serve at New Life.  Yep!  I still feel that way.

YOU are all blessings to me and I can only pray that I will be a blessing to you, also.  That's what Traveling Together is all about.

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