Monday, June 1, 2009

Mish Mash Mondays

Thoughts on this beautiful Monday:
  • My boys LOVE being out of school!  Eric slept on the trampoline last night and Peter has a friend over; oh yeah, it's Summatime!
  • Dave and my older two are headed out to do some painting for a woman who needs some help; a sort of still-Servolution project.
  • Dave's message yesterday was totally what the title of my blog is all about.  He even titled his message something similar, "Loud Together."  He should have just called it, "Traveling Together."  ;-)  It would have been a great plug for my blog; not that anyone would know that though..........except for you who are reading this......but then you already know I have a blog; oh my, circular thinking at its best! :-)
  • Some thoughts from that message:  
  1. I am broken and flawed, and I need a Savior.  Boy, how well I know this.
  2. When we are grace receivers, we become grace givers.  This is proven in relationships, and when we give grace, it leads to peace.
  3. "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God."  Phil 1:3 - Totally how I feel about my New Life family!
  4. God gives us confident hope.  Thank you, Jesus!
  5. God's given us the church (the body of believers) so that His love can overflow into our lives.  His people are the distributers of His love in our lives to keep the fire going.
  6. An ember pulled out of the fire, dies.  An ember in the midst of the fire, revives.  This is why we need one another.
  7. We can only learn to dispense grace if it is actually needed in a relationship.  If there is never a situation that requires grace from us, how on earth would we ever learn it?  I don't think Dave said this, but it was something I wrote down on my note-taking sheet.  You do that, you know, when you sit through multiple services.  You begin to add your own notes as you build on what you've heard already once or twice that morning.
  8. God has things to teach us that we can only learn through "the church," meaning other believers.  (Wow!  I had more notes written on my note-taking sheet than I thought!  :-)  It was good stuff, though, so I thought I'd share my take-aways.)
  • Servolution post event meeting is tonight.  It's where we give and get the lowdown on how everything went.  There's always tons that went right to celebrate and tons that didn't go quite-so-right to be re-evaluated.  
That's it for this installment; until next time......

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