Friday, August 17, 2007

I finally made it in to the doctor today; thank the Lord! I've been sick for the better part of three weeks, but with the miracle of antibiotics I am sure to be on the mend.

I started back to work this week and have put in some full days. My room is now cleaned (remodeling took place over the summer so there was dust galore to clean off everything), decorated, and organized. I was able to meet some of my students today at the "Eagle Expo," which is the day the students get their schedules, locks & lockers, P.E. clothes, and books. I was scheduled to have a student aide, and horror of horrors, I found out her schedule was changed, leaving me without help! Thankfully, another student had signed on by the end of the day, so I should be okay.

So, I'm sure you are able to see why I haven't posted this week; illness and work have sapped my strength and energy. I'm headed to bed now for a good night's sleep because tomorrow we celebrate Kari and Eric's birthdays with our families.

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