Sunday, August 12, 2007

Book Title and Burned Biscuits

There's been a couple of comments on Mary's blog about the title to the book, Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture. It seems that perhaps some people might be put off from reading the book because of the title. Most comments, including mine, mention that perhaps it is the term, "postmodern," that is the cause of some confusion or ambiguity. I mentioned in an earlier blog that Mary does a good job of defining the term in her book, but I'm wondering, "What thoughts come to your mind when your read that title?" Does it seem like a book you would be interested in? Why or why not? I just thought it might be interesting to read what some of you are thinking.

Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have for me. You can always check on my profile and email me if you feel that you wouldn't want to leave your question in a comment.

Tonight, David and I went with my sister and her husband to the Westside Theatre in Newman to see the bluegrass musical group, Burned Biscuits. I know the name is weird, but the group is very talented, and they had some really cool t-shirts for sale. (I didn't buy one, however.) There was also an opening band called Scott Gates and the Pacific Ocean Bluegrass, and they had a nine year old girl who played the mandolin and sang (yes, that's right.....9 years old!), and she was great. It was worth going just to see such talent in that little girl. For me, bluegrass is fine in small doses, so although the talent was great, tonight was just enough to tide me over for a while. :-)


Anonymous said...

Commenting on the book title... "postmodern" is just such a strange word to me. It sounds like something that will never apply to me because I'm really bad at understanding how I fit into the generation/culture definitions. I also think the feeling of overuse in our society of the words "authentic" and "postmodern" both repel me at first glance. But you have shared some very tantalizing bits that prove you can't judge a book by it's title.

Gena said...

Thanks for sharing; I agree with your feelings. We are always trying to look for ways to categorize things in our minds, and labels make that easier. The labels included in the book title do put off some people, I'm sure, but there really is some good content inside.