Saturday, December 22, 2007

Food for Thought for Parents

Consider your child's request to tell him a story
or read him a book, not as an interruption, but as
the most honored invitation you will ever receive.

Robert Schuller


Anonymous said...

How very true, because when they get older and being independent and having their own lfe you will want to have time with them. I was blessed last night that my daughter wanted me to rub her back before she went to bed (a tradition that had started when very little and stopped abruptly a little more than a year ago!) I didn't rush nor felt I had to get something else done. i prayed over her and stayed til she fell asleep. How I loved that time.

RWC said...

Reading with my kids or holding one or two of them while my wife reads to them has proven to be one of the most rewarding times for us! It is our "safe zone" where we can sit and be with eachother with out any worries of the world by entrusting ourself to the comfort of eachother and the imagination produced by the story being read! It is a valuable time that is free! Unless you dont use it!