Sunday, December 16, 2007

Say What?

Well, my family's prayers have finally been answered! I have laryngitis, so I can't yell at them anymore! Actually, I'm not a yeller, but I have come to realize how much I use my voice to direct, question, guide, instruct, and make my desires known. It was really a challenge tonight at the final performance of "Behold the Lamb of God," at church. Even this morning at church, I didn't realize how often I try to "carry" conversations so that people feel at ease. When I sense people don't know what to say, or when there is an awkward silence, I will step in to make things seem more comfortable or flow more smoothly. I just couldn't do that today. Anyway, although I don't have a sore throat or much of a cough, I feel like I'm dragging. It should really be interesting at school tomorrow - a tired teacher with no voice! :-)

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Charlene said...

How odd to be checking in on your blog and to find myself in the same predicament. It must be going around all over! I sound so odd when I do speak, and I'm not able to carry on for long. Hope we both get well soon!