Sunday, April 20, 2008

Appropriate Reading Level?

I found this "Blog Reading Level" over at another blog site and thought, "I should give it a try.  I am not sure how the reading level is exactly measured or figured out.  Do they take into account all posts, or do they only take the most current post or page?  I don't know, but should it embarrass me that my blog content measures at a junior high reading level?  I prefer to think that I am just trying to be as accessible to all as I can be. I think it also shows how much I submerse myself in the middle school literature genre since that's what I teach! :-)  Those are my good excuses anyway, and I'm sticking with them!  I wanted you to know where I scored in case you are so high-falutin' that you wouldn't possibly want to read something written at a junior high reading level. By the way, high-falutin' is actually in the dictionary, (just in case you were wondering).
blog readability test


RWC said...

Dont fret...mine is Jr High level too!

Kelly Rae said...

I'm scared to find out what mine is!

Kelly Rae said...

I have to tell you that any blog address I type in comes back as "Genius Reading Level", including yours!