Monday, April 14, 2008


There is a season for everything, right? I am on vacation (alone with my husband for a week - can you believe it?!), and it has been a brief season of rest and relaxation. It always takes a couple of days for the weight of our "normal" routine to melt away so that we can be "in the moment."

I wanted to let you few faithful readers know that I will not be posting as often (as if you already haven’t noticed that!) because I am headed into the busiest two months of my year. In order to be the wife and mom I need to be, I need to step away from everything extraneous, and my darlings………..blogging is extraneous.

I started this blog
(you can read my “Why Do I Blog?” post here) because I wanted it to be a place of interaction and connection. Although many of you read this, the interaction part never got off the ground, so I feel completely at peace in stepping away from something that is taking my time without the benefit of truly connecting with people. I will most likely continue posting after my oldest daughter graduates and I finish my school year, but I’m not making any promises. I trust that the Lord will make it clear if I am to continue.

I get one shot at these last few weeks of my daughter’s high school life, and my three other children will be winding up their school years, also. I am also the only one who can stand before God and answer for the kind of wife I was to David. I want to be found faithful in those roles that were to be the most important in my life.

So, you may check back now and again to see if I've posted, and I promise to post again after school is out (if not before).  

Thank you for checking in with me.  I know that I, apart from Christ, am nothing, but I give Him praise if anything I've shared up to this point has blessed, encouraged, challenged, or uplifted you.  God bless you all!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Eccl. 3:1


Cindi said...

Praying for God's stregth and wisdom as you strive to keep God's priorities for your life in place. Sending you Love <3!!


Kim said...

Thanks for all you share. Reading your blogs helps me to still feel close to you. I will continue to check your blog. Miss you. I will be lifting you all up in my prayers.

Sandy said...

Hello Gena, sounds like you have your priorities right, girl! I'll check back later ...

Mary said...

I wanted you to know how wonderful it has been for me to read your blog. Although I do not get to see nor speak to you often I feel like I have come to know you and it makes me feel connected at New Life. I completely understand you needing to take a break but I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your words. I feel you are an awesome woman who demonstrates the power of God in everyday life. Thank you!!
Mary Cotton