Thursday, April 24, 2008

Before He Speaks - For all the Pastor's Wives Out There

If you don't know Carrie Underwood's song, "Before He Cheats," this might not be as funny to you, but I must say, I got quite the chuckle out of this one! I think my cohorts (Sherri, Tricia, Jennah, Cindi, and Cheri) and I should make our own video, don't you think?  I'm sure if we thought long enough we could come up with something.  We all have plenty of situations and personal experiences to pull from.  Perhaps you all can come up with a song for us to parody; it would be interesting to hear your suggestions.  

(I think this video was made by three pastor's wives from the same church in Orlando, FL.  Isn't it great to see their sense of humor?  I bet their husbands loved it!)


Kelly Rae said...

Very funny, thanks for sharing.

Cindi said...

LOL!!!! I like the "three dogs"- hehe!

Oh what fun they had! Sounds like a fun project Gena!

Jason Hicks said...

It sounds like the NLCC ladies have a challenge in front of them! will they respond!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a womens get together....retreat....ladies night out.....the next sunday night worship!!!!
I could just see all of you ....
What fun....

So when do you start practicing??

karen said...

I read (or should I say skim) your blogs as I get the chance.
I really liked this one and always wondered how you ladies managed.

I was glad to read your the day on Seasons.

It always amazes me on how people can stay up on blogs etc. I barely have enough time to do my everyday things, so workouts(lol), errands and sleep let alone computer time take the back seat.
Thank you for your insights and refreshing words to keep us focused on the most important things, GOD and family as well as touching our hearts knowing that we are all playing the same game in life- just different innings, against different oppenets at times, yet still all on one team - HIS.