Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lots of Life

Although I've not been posting lately, there's been lots (isn't that a good, descriptive word) going on. I've started a couple of posts in which I attempted to get my thoughts down, but those thoughts have been deep and complicated, and in my current state of burnout, I just can't find the words to spell it all out. Lucky you! :-)

My oldest daughter attended her new student orientation at CSU Stanislaus and is officially enrolled in her classes. She was able to bypass all placement testing and scored well enough on her AP exam that she gets college credit for freshman English! Yeah; that's three units we don't have to pay for!

My two oldest kids (Hannah and Eric) left last Sunday at 7:00 AM with our youth group to work in Mexico for a week. They'll be back home in Turlock tomorrow evening, and I am so, so grateful for our youth leaders who call out the best in our children! To Jake, Jennah, Vince, and all the other youth leaders......Thank you! Here's a picture of the group praying before they head out.

Also on this past Sunday, my youngest daughter was baptized!  It was a special moment for us as Dave was able to baptize the last of our four children.  It took place during our outdoor service, and we were blessed to have some of our family join us for the special event.  I love that my children have each individually chosen to live in obedience to God's call to be publicly be identified with Christ's death and resurrection through baptism.  Kari just received her baptism certificate in the mail today, and she was so thrilled!  

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Kelly Rae said...

Wow-- way to go, Kari, that is so exciting.