Friday, June 27, 2008

Wonderful Wall-E

Today was Kari's last day of fourth grade......finally! :-) She's the only one of my children on a year-round schedule, so she's in school much later than the rest of us; she'll tell you what a drag that is!

Anyway, it was off to the movies to celebrate the last day of school. We went to see Wall-E, and I LOVED IT! I'm not usually one who likes animated movies much, but I truly appreciated the message of this movie. The lack of dialogue required interpretation of the viewer's part, and I must say, I found that refreshing. Much of what I don't like about animated movies is the over-the-top noise, action, and screaming dialogue. Don't get me wrong; there is dialogue in the movie, and some funny dialogue at that! This movie has heart and reminds us that life has meaning in the context of relationships. The subtitle on one movie poster says, "After 700 years of doing what he was built for, he'll discover what he was meant for." The cool thing is that the movie-goer gets to discover what Wall-e was meant for right along with him. It's a movie that addresses the themes of loneliness, longing, and the need for relationships and love. This movie also gives a glimpse into what our live might look like if we keep heading in the direction we are going with all of our electronic gadgetry.

I give Wall-E a "thumbs up," and I'd even like to see it again, so that's really saying something. If you have a free afternoon and need something to do that keeps you out of this awful valley air, head on over to the cinema. I don't think you'll regret it.

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