Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Just thought I'd share the news that Eric ran a personal best today at the cross country meet! He came in fourth overall and ran the two miles in 12:11! He's shaved more that 45 seconds off his time from last Wednesday.

The Turlock High CC Team has such great team spirit, and I am grateful that my son has been able to be part of that family. That's what they call themselves.....a family. They have pasta feeds the night before every meet; the pasta feeds are held at different team members homes, and every one contributes something (freshman-entree, sophomores-side dish, juniors-drinks, and seniors-utensils). The cross country team has team cheers and a boatload of team traditions. Each member has a buddy to watch out for, with older students teamed with the younger ones. At each meet, the buddies bring a gift for each other, tradition being to bring a Gatorade for after the meet. The team captains have a team cape and a blue and yellow wig that only they are allowed to wear. And a favorite team pastime is Ultimate Frisbee. Students lead prayer before each meet (How awesome is that?), and I have never seen a team that cheers each other on more than the Turlock High Cross Country team. I can't say enough good things about the coaches; they are simply fantastic! So I say, "Go Dogs Go!"

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Lisa writes... said...

What a great example of teamwork! My son ran XC last year, but opted out this year to concentrate on other things, like soccer and cycling...of course, had he ran, that would be one more place to go/be/cart kids! :-)