Friday, September 14, 2007

San Francisco and an Empty House

Today, I traveled to UCSF with my sister-in-law, Wendy, for her doctor’s appointment. In case you are unaware, she has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Her doctor is in San Francisco, so we travel there frequently for her appointments. Wendy is Dave’s older sister, and since she is single, I go to her doctor appointments with her. She has cancer in four different parts of her body, but to look at her, you’d never know. She looks wonderful, and I thank God that her cancers have stayed relatively small and are still responding to hormone therapy pretty well. Wendy is currently on three different medications for the different cancers. She is now on disability from her job as a junior high social studies teacher, but she is, thankfully, in good enough health to be able to do what she enjoys without problems.

Wendy was diagnosed with a second round of breast cancer three years ago, so we are thankful that the drugs are managing the cancers that she has for now. If you think of her, please remember her in prayers. I appreciate that so much!

I arrived home this evening to an empty house, since Dave and the kids are at a football game. Dave needed to work at the concession stands tonight, so all of the kids went with him to the game. I have LOVED being home alone for a couple of hours! I did a load of laundry, took a nice, long bath, and caught up on some emails. It’s very seldom that I am home alone, but I always value these few moments.

I am a person who needs alone time to re-focus and center myself, and I find it ironic that with my personality God allowed me to have four children and be married to a pastor! I do think God allows things in our lives in order that we will have to stretch, grow, and give up selfishness. Children are the best anti-dote to selfishness, don’t you think? I love my children, but they push me to a place that I would never get to if it weren’t for their presence in my life! I believe that if I hadn’t had children, I would have no idea of the extent of my selfishness! It truly takes the power of God in me to be able to meet their needs in a loving and gracious way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I always respond in such loving/gracious ways. However, my kids are helping me to grow in the Lord, and for that I am grateful!

I have to believe that the Lord knew what He was doing when He placed me where He has me. There a plenty of times when I question that, but I do believe in His Word which tells me that His thoughts are not my thoughts, and His ways are not my ways. I am unable to express how thankful I am for that!!!

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Kim said...

I will be praying for Wendy. Glad to hear you got some alone time. What you said is so right on. God's plans are so much better than our. Miss you & love you,