Saturday, October 27, 2007

Me, too!

I had two different people tell me this week that they had put me "on a pedestal." I find that so funny because if people know anything about me and my life, there is no question about my not belonging on a pedestal. And I seriously wonder what I do that makes people feel like I don't struggle with the things others struggle with. I don't understand the thinking that because I'm married to a pastor, I'm somehow different as a woman than every other woman. And...when someone makes the effort to tell you that they HAD placed you on a pedestal, that means they no longer think you belong there! It means that somehow I failed in some area that they noticed, so they rethought their opinion of me. I am choosing to take that in the most positive light, because it can seem negative if thought about too long. :-) (Both times this week, I believe the women were being positive in their remarks, stating that it gave them comfort to know I'm just like them.)

I'm not sure how to keep people from placing me in a position I don't belong. It is not appropriate (or safe, or possible, or wise) for me to share all of my past sin, hurts, and current struggles with each new person I meet, but it seems that unless I do that, I look like I'm trying to show that I have it all together and have a perfect life. I never try to purposely present an image that is not who I really am, and I sometimes even look for ways to present how NOT perfect I am so that others will sense a bond with me and feel safe to not be perfect themselves.

I listened to a woman speak the other day and she said, "The two most comforting words in the English language are, 'Me, too." Don't you just love that?!

I am calling for all women to be real and to let others know, "Me, too." Remember, we are all on this journey together, and I think, "Me, too," is the motto that will bind us together in unity as we strive to walk in His ways and to fulfill His purposes.


Michele B said...

Anyone (and anything) has the potential to be pedestalized. (Is that a word?) But I think it says more about the person who puts up the pedestal and what or who they choose to put on it, than about the one on it or formerly on it. I just pretty much assume that EVERYONE at any given time has it more "together" than I do. When I allow myself a close enough look at others to realize they struggle as much I do, it always comes as a bit of a shock AND a relief. Then I can say "me too" while checking to make sure the only one on my pedestal is Jesus, and get Him back up there if I've managed to knock Him down again, which I seem to do on a regular basis, with or without much subtlety. Only when He and no other person or thing is up there does my life make any sense.

Gena said...

My dear Michele,
I think my husband could do a whole series on your phrase, "I just pretty much assume that everyone at any given time has it more 'together' than I do." So many of us go through life thinking we are somehow worse than everyone else. Oh, how I pray that we would all see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, who loves us completely with compassion and grace.
Thanks for commenting; it means so much to me.