Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jigu! Thunder Drums

I had a surprise in my email inbox on Thursday evening; I had won tickets for me and my family to see Jigu! Thunder Drums at the Gallo Center! Now I can never again say I haven't won anything. Actually, I couldn't say that before because I did win a cute lunch box on one website and a book on another, but those don't hold a candle to the Gallo tickets! The contest asked for the number of tickets we would need, and I debated on whether to put "6" in the number box. I mean, who would give away SIX tickets to the Gallo?! Well, I decided to be honest, and I received what I had asked for!

We had a great time: the Gallo Center is beautiful, the show was entertaining (no falling asleep during this show!), and it was a memorable, FREE evening for my family! :-)

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