Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bibles and Burlap

I arrived home a couple of hours ago from our church's women's retreat. I had a wonderful time, and I felt so absolutely blessed by the women who attended. I was blessed by the women who were able to ride up (and back) with me, the women who were in my cabin (Go Cabin 6!), the other women who attended, and by the speaker. I met some incredible women that I had not previously had the privilege to knowing, and I caught up with some others that I am not able to visit with very often.

I was blown away by the love and acceptance I felt between us all. I love it when God shows up and speaks to us about things we weren't even aware that we needed to address. He is so good! Life is not easy and hurts are many and deep. As I looked around the meeting room, I was honored to sit in the presence of so many courageous and beautiful women. I am so proud to know that they are a part of "my" church family and that they are walking the hard road of surrender and obedience. You all ROCK, and I am praying that you all continue to allow God to pour His spirit on you and through you. I specifically wish you could see how beautiful you are! I was humbled, challenged, inspired, and convicted through your stories and testimonies.

I heard there were a couple of midnight (or perhaps a little later) expeditions involving flashlights and burlap bags. There may even be an incriminating picture or two floating around. Just know that I pray for all of you delinquent souls ;-), and I am here to provide a model for you to follow.

Let's remember all that God spoke to us, and let's live out the Love that He poured over us. Love to you all!


Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Hey Gena, I am so happy to hear the retreat was so good. I so wish I could have been there with you all. Makes me miss my new life family. I do know though that God has me where I am suppose to be. Know I think of you all often and missing you!

Anonymous said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about! All I remember is gazing at the stars and observing some illegal running.

Seriously, though, I enjoyed spending time with you, however brief!

--Kelly S

Anonymous said...

Hi Gena,
You are so right!!this weekend was so touched my heart and really spoke to me.I thought about the things you said at the Saturday morning devotional. God gave us our children to take care of for him. Busy is the days not knowing if you are coming or going. But raising your children to walk in Gods light is a job in itself and if God didnt think you could not handle such a task he would have given you a Nanny. There will come a time when the children are all gone and you can look at them and say I was there for them I made a difference in their life.
Every day you get up you are doing what God wants you to do to take care of your family. He knows there will be a time when It is only you and Dave at home and you are going to need things to keep you busy...Like serving him in other ways. There will be so much for you to do for the LORD. It will be your time. God knows the busy life he has given you. You are taking care the family the way he wants you too. I admire you so much and there are going to be young women with young families who will be able to draw from your strength and your wisdon in the LORD.
God is so good!!!

Lisa Cedillo said...

Thanks for the memories!! Although I do hold incriminating evidence of such activities....
What happens in camp, stays in camp!! Except for, the Good News of the Lord & how he changed lives this weekend and built friendships & sisterhood, amongst the women of NLCC. You're an awesome leader in our church & we are blessed to have you & Pastor Dave here for us. Thank you for your support. God bless you & your family.
-Lisa Cedillo

Michele B said...

Makes me wish even more that I'd been there!

Sandy said...

Hey Gena, sounds like a great time. Just popping in to say hi. I also liked what you said about the women being "courageous" - it's really what God wants from us!
Happy weekend!