Friday, March 14, 2008

The Miracle Worker

I just returned from seeing "The Miracle Worker" at the Fallon House Theater in Columbia. I LOVED IT! I took Kari and a friend, along with Dave's mom, to see this Sierra Repertory production because Kari had just finished reading the book for her book report. The play received good reviews, and after seeing it, I would say the reviews were right on. The woman who played Annie Sullivan, the teacher who worked with Helen Keller, was fabulous! And let me tell you, the drama was a very physical one for the individuals who played Annie and Helen. If you have any free time this weekend, I know you would enjoy seeing it. I had also never been inside of the Fallon House Theater, and it had so much character! The only problem for the younger children is that the floor is not sloped that much at all, so it was difficult for them to see some of the action on the stage. I also loved the sets which feature beautiful manzanita branches and a twilight sky behind them.

On our way to the theater tonight, we stopped in Sonora to have dinner and we saw a group of men from Monte Vista Chapel having dinner. One of them, a friend, came up to say, "Hi!" because I hadn't seen them. This group had headed to the hills early this morning to ride their bikes before heading to the men's retreat at Silver Spur tonight. These men live for the Lord and it was good to see them out doing something fun together. I'm praying God blesses them all during their retreat, and that the Lord will be with their wives and children this weekend.

Dave returned home from his conference tonight while I was at the play. We just spoke for only a few moments because he's worn out, but tomorrow I know we'll go on a walk or a drive to catch up with one another. I'm excited to hear what he learned and what was confirmed in his heart.

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