Friday, December 12, 2008

Coffee Moms

I had the best time tonight with some of my friends. When our kids are on track, we meet for coffee on Monday mornings, and truthfully, it's always a day brightener to spend some time with them all. Anyway, tonight was our Christmas get-together and we laughed, we ate, we shared, and we laughed some more. One mom bought us all Starbucks ornaments that we all then signed to take home. A truly great time.

It's getting crazy again around here! I'm off to UCSF tomorrow with Dave's sister and will be gone all day. Saturday holds a basketball game, making our gifts for the staff, and celebrating Christmas with Dave's family because his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are here from Portland. (By the way, our nephew, Hugo, is the cutest little guy, and we sure wish we could see him more often!) And on Sunday, I'll be at church for first service, at a meeting during second service, and then our staff Christmas dinner and dessert which will be at our home. (Of course, the staff Christmas party ends with the infamous white elephant gift exchange!) It's all good even though it's so busy. I somehow need to find time to finish the gifts we're making, write out cards for all of the staff, grocery shop and cook my items for the family Christmas, wrap Christmas gifts needed for Saturday, clean the house, and get the desserts ready for the staff party. No problem-O, right?

By the way, come back soon to see one of the Larson family's holiday traditions.


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Kelly Rae said...


I hope that everything goes smoothly for you this weekend so that you can be filled with enjoyment of all the fun activities you have planned. You are such a blessing to so many people, I am glad there are some fun things in store for you.

Love you, Kelly