Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Telegraph Fire Update

Last post, I shared that my youngest kiddo likes to take pictures, and truthfully, it's a good thing.  I often forget to photograph things or events because, well, I'm just like that - forgetful!  Anyway, as I shared here and here this summer, the Telegraph Fire was burning furiously through the area of my family's property.  The CDF saved our structures and the hilltop where our trailers are located, so when we were there on Thanksgiving, it was hard to believe that there was ever a fire.  However, just about everywhere else was massive evidence of the destructive fire that came through.  And........our young family photographer snapped some pictures of the aftermath including the areas where the CDF just plowed over everything to make fire breaks.  I thought I'd share some of those with you today.

The one thing that she didn't get a picture of was the manzanita bushes at the top of the hill that are blackened and stripped bare by the fire.  They are beautiful in an eery sort of way.  Their black, bare, up-reaching arms were silhouetted against the gorgeous blue sky.  

One upside of the fire?  We are able to see Half Dome from the top of our property.  Beautiful!

I pray that in the midst of this holy season you are able to take a few quiet moments to focus on the wonder of the season - God of the universe coming to us in flesh and blood - to be with us.  God with us.   GOD WITH US.  I thought about that phrase over and over this morning as I sat looking at our Christmas tree during my quiet time.  God with us!  Wow, if that doesn't cause us to stop, ponder, and be thankful, not much will.


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