Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brrrr! Fall's here!

I've just arrived home from a football game, and I am freezing!  I left during the third quarter because Peter has school in the morning, and I needed to get him home and in bed.  Dave can fill me in on the final score when he gets home (our high school team was losing when I left); I'm just glad to be home where it's warm.  The wind was blowing and even with my jacket and blanket, it was chilly!  It truly feels like fall as I sit here with my cup of wonderfully hot tea, catching up with a few emails and some blogs that I read.   

Dave just arrived home to let me know that the football team turned the game around and ended up winning 32-30!  Mind you, all those points came during the last half of the third quarter and the fourth quarter.  So, the first Monte Vista Bowl (both schools are on Monte Vista Avenue) ended with Turlock Christian winning the coveted wagon wheel that has been dedicated as the "trophy" that the winning school will keep until the next year's match-up.  The winning team, score, and date will be inscribed on the plaque attached to the wagon wheel to commemorate the winners.  A fun and friendly rivalry, indeed.

A highlight (or rather I would say a "low" light) of the evening was the "Bovine Bingo" that took place beginning at the half-time.  People were able to purchase plots in a grid that had been chalked on the ground, and then a cow was walked back and forth, back and forth, on the grid, and you guessed it.......whatever plot the above-mentioned bovine pooped in, that person was the winner of two luxury box tickets for the 49er's game against the Vikings.  Wow, I really feel like I live in a rural area when I get to watch something like that for entertainment!  :-) 


tom said...

you are always welcome to join us. We live in perpetual summer! It stays about 24 degrees all year round and the ocean is a relaxing and theraputic 28 degrees! Oh, I'm sorry thats celcius. No need for jackets, blankets, gloves or hats. Tropical Christmas, doesnt that sound inviting?

Charlene said...

I can only imagine the Bovine Bingo -- and I know the chill of a cold game. My outdoor sports year are over with my kids, but as soon as you mentioned it I could feel that chill in my bones!