Monday, November 5, 2007

"Logged On and Tuned Out"

I recently read a book called, "Logged On and Tuned Out," and I recommend that every parent with children on the internet get this book and read it. My oldest two children are on the computer for school assignments and email pretty regularly (not to mention myspace and facebook), and I have two smaller ones that have yahoo email accounts and like to look up information about their favorite cartoon characters or what have you.

I'm one of those moms that has a myspace just so I can keep up with what my kids are up to. In fact, if you check my myspace (which Hannah originally filled in for me), it says that everything (such as my favorite music, etc...) is "Whatever Hannah and Eric like." Where it says, "My reason for being on myspace," Hannah wrote...."To make sure none of Hannah's and Eric's friends are stalkers." :-) I will have my kids log in under their names so that I can check their emails (incoming and sent) and I check their spaces every couple of weeks. I also check their friends myspaces.

However, I learned A LOT from reading this new book by Vicky Courtney, "Logged On and Tuned Out." When I first saw the title, I thought she must be talking about our children who are oblivious to everything else when they are logged on, but the title actually refers to the parents that are tuned out to what their kids are doing, or are exposed to, on the internet. And believe me, most parents don't even know the half of it! Even though I have been a parent who checks things, I learned so much through the chapters of this easy-to-read Christian book filled with valuable and insightful information.

If you have children on the internet (or computer), I recommend you get this book or borrow it from me. We live in a different world, and although we would like to shield our children from the computer or internet because of our concerns, they will leave our homes and have to make their way in a world where the internet/computer is an integral part of their lives. I would like to try to train them about wise usage while they are still in my home under my teaching and example.

You can also check out Vicky's website by clicking here.

Just some food for thought tonight.

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tom said...

I neever thought about having a myspace to connect with my kids. You are so right about this age of technology it has separated parents from kids much more than anything I can think of. Here, texting is the mode of conversation so I can no longer hear conversations. It is so hard to know anymore without being mrs. cravits (bewitched). I keep praying and staying involved as best I can. Thanks