Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Fun Sunday Update

It's 8:00 PM, and Dave is already in bed.  He's not been feeling well for a couple of days now, and I think he just needed to get some sleep tonight.  He and a couple of staff members will be going to a conference tomorrow, so it's probably good that he gets some rest.

If you read Dave's blog, you know that we went to Crossroads Grace Community Church in Manteca this last Sunday.  It was wonderful to sit in church as a family, but I have to admit.....I wasn't thrilled when Dave said he wanted to go to another church on his Sunday off.  I love just love being with everyone at New Life, so I'm never anxious to miss a Sunday.  However, it is good to go somewhere else, see what God's doing, and still be glad that He's placed us where we are.   

After going to church on Sunday, we headed to lunch and the "Bee Movie."  We then went to my mom and step-dad's house for Family Fun Sunday.  Since my sisters, mom, and I are so busy, we get all of our families together every third month for "Family Fun Sunday."  The kids (all ten of them) can play with their cousins, and we adults can have fun and visit.   This past Sunday, we ate together, drew names to form teams to create Thanksgiving posters from a plethora of various supplies, and then created two new teams to play Guesstures.  We also celebrated my step-dad's birthday and enjoyed some wonderful desserts (my mom is a great cook!).  I did get a good dose of laughter in, as always, and I was again thankful for my fun and loving family.  

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lori said...

It warms my heart that I know a family that plays together. I hope that if I am ever blessed to have a family of my own, I can create traditions and fun.

I think you should do another drawing for a Starbucks gift card. Cyndi doesn't even like coffee.