Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Air It Is!

My husband is at the BIG MacWorld convention in S.F., and I just know he's envying (oops! I mean looking at) all of the new products, especially the new MacBook Air. (I know those pictures are really small, but they're the only ones I could find!) I just know he's spent time trying it out, thinking it's the coolest thing ever. He tends to think every new Apple product is the coolest thing ever. He left on Tuesday afternoon for the S.F. airport to pick up a friend of ours from Colorado who flew out just for MacWorld. It's their yearly ritual to meet up for MacWorld, and I'm glad they get to do that. He'll get home tomorrow night, and I'll have to (oops! I mean get to) hear all about it, look at all the free gizmos, keychains, t-shirts, notepads, frisbees, and such that they give away, and try to bring him back to his everyday world. :-D

I must say, being home without him has its challenges, especially since Hannah's car was stolen. (By the way, prayers for its recovery in good condition would be appreciated. I didn't post about it when it happened (Sunday night) because I was hoping it would be found right away, and we would just go on our happy way!) Boy, I have taken for granted that Hannah has been able to drive herself to school at 7:00 AM this year! This morning, I was going to have to get Hannah to her school and drive for two different school carpools that Dave and I do on Wednesday mornings. Crazy! Thank goodness for good friends who help out. Tomorrow morning, since I work and leave early, I'll again be relying on my neighborhood friends to help out. Just another reason I'm glad I live in such a great neighborhood!

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