Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pendulum Swings Both Directions

Where has the week gone since I last posted?  I can tell you that two winter formals and three church families with weighty, painful situations have held my heart, my attention, and my prayers.  My daughter's stolen car has still not been recovered, so we've had to work at coordinating our schedules for many places we all need to be.  Your continued prayers for the return of her car would be appreciated. 

The peace that comes with the rain has been good for my soul today.  I trust that God is still in control, even when so much seems out of control with those around me.  Sometimes there are no easy answers and pain is around every corner.  I am choosing to stand on His promises that it is He who comforts us (Is. 51:12) and that He, himself, is our peace. (Eph 2:14)  We are reminded to look to the Lord and HIS strength when we don't think we have what it takes to go on.  There are times when life throws us curve balls, and we simply cannot be ready for what is thrown.  It is good for me to remember that nothing is a surprise to God.  He knows what's coming and He is wanting us to keep our eyes on Him.  If our eyes are locked firmly on His face, we will be held steady.  It's when we begin to look around that the seas become dicey.

As a total aside to the tragedy and crisis that has been before us, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my kids and their friends from this weekend.  These are pictures of happy times, and I am reminded that the pendulum swings in both directions.  I am grateful that my kids have good friends, and that their hearts are open to us and the Lord.  They both had a good time at their respective formals.
Hannah and Friends ready for a show and dinner in San Francisco.
We took their pictures in downtown, a fun idea.

Album cover shot - Dave loves to have the kids do these!  :-D
Okay, Eric thinks his mom is corny with this shot.  Shhhh....don't tell him I posted it!  :-)
Eric and Andriese
Are Eric and Andi really only 15?

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