Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post 100 - My Little Random List of Thankfulness

Well, I'm officially at my 100th post, although I have several drafts still waiting to be edited, thought through, or finished.  In honor of my actual 100th "posted" post, I thought I would share some of the things I am grateful for and love.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and just as sure has I hit the "publish" button, I'll think of other, worthier things I could have listed, but it is what it is. :-D

I am thankful for:

1. A God who loves me enough to have sacrificed his very own son to provide a way for me to be with Him forever.
2. Dave, a husband who is more than I deserve
3. Hannah, my joy
4. Eric, my laughter and hugs
5. Peter, my musical encourager
6. Kari, my precious gift
7. skittles - really!
8. friends who love me, put up with me, and challenge me
9. a mom who set a wonderful example for me of tithing, prayer, and exercise 
10. two very dear sisters - Paula and Tracy 
11. down comforters in duvet covers
12. rainy days
13. mint chocolate chip ice cream
14. five nieces-Sarah, Emily, Alyssa, Kristen, and Abigail
15. two nephews-Aaron and Hugo
16. a dad who loves sunsets as much as I do
17. quietly floating in the pool in the stillness of a warm night
18. comfy shoes, although I don't have too many pairs of those :-{
19. a sister-in-law, Wendy, who takes me to great restaurants in the city and is a great cook
20. flickering candles
21. an artistic sister-in-law, Nancy, whose artwork graces my walls and reminds me to look for beauty
22. the ocean
23. some great Bible studies: Lord, Calm my Anxious Heart;  Strong Women, Soft Hearts; Experiencing God; Breaking Free; Wisdom for Mothers.
24. a quilt my grandmother made me for my 18th birthday
25. Texas cake
26. tissues (truly, what a marvelous convenience!)
27. wonderful neighbors
28. Gingko biloba trees in the fall
29. Godly in-laws
30. a much loved foster daughter
31. continual forgiveness because of God's unconditional love and mercy
32. a car that is reliable
33.  three fabulous brothers-in-law: Dan, Ritch, and Todd
34. neighborhood walks
35. old family photographs
36. yellowed, clipped out, precious Ann Lander's columns 
37. country drives
38. Em Le's waffles
39. reading magazines
40. a stepmom who makes the best pomegranate jelly and has the patience of a saint
41. swinging at the park
42. country drives 
43. naps on Sundays
44. playing football in the street with my family
45. my underlined, highlighted, note-riddled, date-filled Bibles and devotional books
46. a father-in-law who "surprises" me with poinsettas every Christmas
47. my dining room hutch
48. mosaics
49. laughing till I cry
50. lip gloss
51. potatoes-any way you want to cook them
52. summer evening breezes
53. eyelid kisses when I'm not feeling well
54. good spinach dip
55. fresh water to drink
56. my New Life family
57. fun dancing songs
58. notes and cards from Dave - saved from when we were dating until now (I've gots LOTS of them!)
59. Tylenol sinus medication
60. unexpected blessings - that note in the mail, a middle-of-the-night time with God, the "I love you's" from my husband or one of my kids.
61. sleeping in
62. notes in my children's handwriting filled with phonetically correct spellings
63. my laptop computer
64. my students
65. walking along the beach
66. a mom and step-dad who pray for me and my family daily - and specifically
67. hot baths
68. Tide-To-Go pens - what a life-saver!  :-D
69. paper supply and stationery stores
70. Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel - the blue one only
71. sugar-free Hazelnut creamer
72. journals
73. leisurely trips to the bookstore
74. times away with my husband
75. my "hundreds" of cousins :-)
76. Lucy, our dog
77. Fun movies - The Princess Bride, That Thing You Do, the original Yours, Mine, and Ours
78. reading with my children
79. hearing squeaky, out-of-tune instrument practicing
80. Santa Barbara-my favorite California spot
81. homemade citrus ice cream
82. camping with my family
83. birthday lunches with my mom and sisters
84. lunch and coffee dates with friends- chatting the time away
85. being silly with my kids
86. having friends over for summertime bbq's
87. meaningful collages
88. reading before I go to sleep
89. the smell of the road after the first rain
90. eating tomatoes right off the vine
91. hearing my children laugh with one another
92. having Dave sit by me during church, a funeral, or a wedding because he's not speaking
93. hot coffee in the right shaped mug (one that fits perfectly in cold, cupped hands)
94. picnics with plenty of cheese, fresh fruit, and crackers
95. pottery
96. post-it notes (another lifesaver!)
97. irises and tulips
98. a healthy family
99. 4th of July with my extended family
and now for number 100..........
the way David squeezes my fingertips when he's holding my hand. ;-D


Kelly Swanson said...

What a great, fun list. Thanks for sharing! You have inspired me. Although I don't blog I think I may write out a list like this for myself-- what a good reminder of our many blessings.


RWC said...

Thanks for sharing....God blesses us in so many ways! Its an awsome thing! Keep up the great posts. I look forward to your official 200th!!!!

Cindi said...

Congrats on sharing 100 posts with us! And what a wonderful list of thankfulness! Thank you for blessing me.

:) Cindi