Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Voted as Though I've Not Voted

I found a short video clip from John Piper in which he discusses three important things for the Christian to keep in mind leading up to Tuesday's election. I think it is worth a few minutes of your time and perhaps your blood pressure will lower a few points.  

From John Piper's perspective, the three points to keep in mind as you enter the polling place (or mark your absentee ballot) are:
A prophetic perspective
The sovereignty of God
The gospel

Whether you're a die hard McCain or Obama supporter, or your vote shall be cast for another candidate, I encourage you to listen to his thoughts, for I consider them especially helpful for those who are of a kingdom that will never be shaken. This was originally posted on this blog.


Kelly Rae said...

Thank you for sharing this, Gena. It is easy to lose our proper perspective as Christians as we encounter those who are so passionate about this election. This was a great reminder of why we are here.

Gena Larson said...

I'm grateful for your comments. With the election being over, our most important call is to continue to pray for our leaders and our country. No matter how people feel about the outcome of this election, the results did not change the fact that God is STILL ON HIS THRONE! May Christians stop lamenting and do what we've been called to do - pray for our leaders. We should be doing this all the time anyway!