Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Red House - Part 4

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Today, we'll look at some unusual aspects of this lovely and cozy home. Art and scripture are important to this family, and you'll discover that in these next few pictures.

The artwork below was painted by a family member. If you look closely, you'll see the scripture verse written in a curving line around the fruit. Beautiful!

Below is a picture of a carved scripture mounted in the mud room as you enter the house. It is definitely hand done, but since it is not signed, I don't know if a family member made it.
The following picture was actually inside a closet/passageway between two of the bedrooms. It is a charming and sweet surprise to come upon.
In the laundry room, there is this hand-painted artwork and scripture which serves as a good reminder.
And truthfully, this was one of my favorites. It is a picture drawn by one of the owners' grandsons. I'm not sure if the picture is of the owner or his son (Mattias's father), but it melts my heart and makes me smile. Isn't it priceless?
Tomorrow will be my last post on The Red House. Be sure to stop by to see what we found outside! You'll love it!

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