Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Red House - Finale!

Today is our last visit to the Red House. (Scroll down for previous posts.) Not only did we cuddle up in the house with it's cozy corners and fluffy warm down comforters, but there was plenty of beauty and fun things to do outside.

First of all, doesn't this picture just make you want to take a deep breath? I can imagine many a summer evening out in those lovely white chairs.
This lovely, little place is called, "The Mouse House" not because it houses mice, but because it is small. It is basically a studio apartment on the property. Another couple in ministry (from Mariposa) was staying here. The overhang is covered with climbing roses and I'm sure it is absolutely beautiful at the right time of year.
Now, this may look like an old, forlorn barn, but there is a sliding door on the left hand side that is barely noticeable, and when it is opened up, it reveals a thoroughly modern entertainment area (concrete floors, kitchen, bathrooms, skylights, artwork, plenty of seating, etc...). The family hosts big events for youth with YWAM and their church, so they created this great space.
One of the fun activities for the kids was riding this zip line.

There was also a tennis court with a cabinet that housed tennis rackets, an assortment of sports balls, and lots of roller blades in just about every size. There was even plenty of safety equipment for the kiddos to wear.
And of course, the trampoline was a big hit. :-)

I hope you enjoyed visiting this special place with me. Our visit there was a great time and we're thankful for this wonderful family's love and generosity. It was just what we needed!


Kelly Rae said...

I am late to taking the complete tour of the Red House, but thanks so much! What a wonderful experience for your family. I loved all the bookcases and the Scriptures gave me some ideas for my house too.

Gena Larson said...

Always humbled that you stop by, and even more humbled that you take the time to comment! Let me know if you do any projects around your house; I'd love to see them.