Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kids, Kids Everywhere!

I've got kids spread all over the house this evening! My kids are blessed to have some cousins over for the weekend, so I've got Kari and my two neices downstairs, Eric and a cousin in his room, Hannah in her room, and Peter in his room. Now, it really feels like summer! My two youngest finished their last day of school yesterday, so we are now all officially done with another school year! That makes me happy in one sense, but it also makes me sad that the years are passing so quickly. My youngest in now going into fourth grade! Unbelievable! I find I sometimes want time to stand still when I find myself in an incredibly pure and sweet moment with my kids. And then.....there are other times when I think I can't wait until some attitudes are outgrown or brought under control, and that time can't come soon enough! Am I alone in that? :) I think that's the push and pull of mothering. Sometimes we just want to push our kids (their attitudes, behavior, and needs) away, and other times we long to pull them close to us and keep them there.

Tomorrow evening we will host the block party for our street like we do every year. This is our 13th year of hosting this event, and WE LOVE DOING IT! We invite everyone on all five blocks and also neighbors that have moved away, and we always have a blast! The neighbors know to set aside the Sunday evening before the 4th of July for the Block Party. We've got the bounce house rented, flyers passed out, lawns mowed, barricades rented, and supplies purchased. Now, we just have to set it all up, and guess what? I've got extra kids to help! :-) They didn't know they would be roped into working at Aunt Gigi's house, but I figure that's payback for the dominoe, Whoonu, and Moose games I've played this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

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