Sunday, July 1, 2007

Block Party!

I said that I'd fill you in on our block party that we hosted this evening, so here you go! I feel so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood.

Friendly faces share a laugh over dessert.

Just a few of the neighborhood kids getting excited over the accumulation of fireworks for the "Big Chris Fireworks Show."

Here's the street party pyrotechnic genius, Chris, arranging the fireworks for the evening show. He has two saw-horses that he uses only for the block party show, and he writes the year on one leg of the saw-horse for each year he's done the show. The first year was 1996! The fireworks show is a favorite neighborhood tradition.

Here's a few of our neighbors that we love seeing at each block party.

Kari and her friend don't know life without the block party, and it's easy to see that they enjoy being here.

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