Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fast and Pray Wednesdays & "I AM" Online Bible Study

Please remember that Wednesdays are the day we have set aside to fast and pray for our church family. Continue to pray that we would humble ourselves before the Lord, be worthy vessels for his use, and be ready for ALL that He wants to do.

I've been doing the "I AM" Bible study in my own journal, but realized that perhaps my answers might encourage you to think some of these things through for yourself. I have been blessed to give thoughtful consideration to the discussion questions for each lesson, and you may click the link below to see the full lesson. I've only included the discussion questions here with my answers. Blessings on this Wednesday!

'I AM' Study Lesson Ten' Keeping it in the Family' CLICK HERE FOR THE STUDY
Background Passages: Exodus 32:9-14

Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever experienced trials that were best dealt with "in the family" for either your reputation's sake or God's? You may still choose to leave them there, but you are welcome to share if you are comfortable.

Well, of course! My family needs to feel safe, so some things would dishonor them or violate them if I chose to deal with those situations or talk about those situations in public. Respect for our husbands and children is so important, and flippantly revealing all kinds of personal information would violate them.

2. Have you ever found yourself in a bizarre circumstance and later were able to walk someone through the same/similar situation? Did you recognize the hand of God in it?

I don't know if bizarre is the right word for it, but I have been through many circumstances that the Lord has redeemed for His purposes. The Holy Spirit will often reveal to me when a woman needs to hear about something I've experienced because that woman needs to know she is not alone. I believe one way we know we've been healed of a painful situation/circumstance is that we share because the Holy Spirit reveals that it would benefit the other person. Before we are healed, often times we share because it benefits us (our need for validation, sympathy, encouragement, etc...)

3. I was in my late twenties before I ever let myself believe God was for me instead of waiting to smack me upside the head every time I made a mistake. Do you truly believe God is on your side?

For the most part, yes. However, when I am not on my guard, Satan will whisper to me about things in the past to make me feel unsure of God's love or forgiveness. Being in the Word is the only antidote I've found for this that works, and I've often times asked my husband to pray God's Word over me when I am under attack.

4. If God has ever had you in the Holy Spirit Chokehold (and who hasn't He?), how have you reacted to God's chastisement? Were you bitter? Brokenhearted? Grateful?

I've been all of the above. I sometimes want to argue with the Holy Spirit when I sense conviction, but that ultimately leads to brokenness when truth is revealed and I acknowledge my sin or error. On the other side, I see His faithfulness and my growth, and I'm thankful.

5. Write a brief prayer of Thanksgiving for God's longsuffering.

Oh my dear Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for your love, mercy, gentleness, and kindness with me. You show your grace as I continue on this journey towards falling more in love with you and becoming more and more like you. My mere words seem woefully inadequate in expressing my love and gratefulness to you, but I praise You that you know my heart. You are wonderful to me! Amen


Etta said...

"However, when I am not on my guard, Satan will whisper to me about things in the past to make me feel unsure of God's love or forgiveness."

So true! Even when we don't doubt God's love and forgiveness, Satan can still try to make us obsess about our past to make us unfruitful in our present!

Denise said...

May you be blessed as you do this study.

Connie Barris said...

One of my favorite verses is John 10:10... "The thief came to kill, steal..... but I came that you may have the abundant life......"

not everyone understands that is for eternal life.. beginning NOW..

I love your answers... very real.. close to the heart....and it is a whisper isn't it??


MiPa said...

Thank you for sharing your answers. Blessings to you this week.

~Layers*of*Me~ said...

Lovely answers and boy can I relate to alot of them!

Blessings to you and yours!