Sunday, July 8, 2007

Video Sunday -When I Get Where I'm Going

It's Video Sunday again, and I hope I don't lose too many of you by posting a country song! :-) The song is by Brad Paisley, and it is about those who have passed away, and it was played at my Uncle Ron's funeral a couple of years ago. However, the reason I'm putting it up is that this song has a line in it that Dave and I have adopted and written in our bedroom. The line says, "I will leave my heart wide open; I will love and have no fear." I know that those things will be true in heaven, but Dave and I feel that God spoke those words to our hearts for this time and place. He is asking us to have enough trust and faith to leave our hearts WIDE OPEN. As you all know, that is difficult to do when we've been hurt, used, or disappointed, and it's equally hard to love and have NO FEAR. I never thought of myself as a fearful person, but God has revealed to me that because of hurts and disappointments, I let the fear of that happening again cause me to fear truly opening up. I'm sure Dave and I are not alone in having those feelings, so I pray that this song will encourage you to begin to risk opening up your hearts and loving without holding anything back. Also, I know many of you have lost a child, parent, grandparent, or friend, so I hope this song will mean something to you.

It will take the strength of the Holy Spirit and an ultimate trust in God, but through Him we can leave our hearts wide open, and we can love and have no fear. Blessings to you all!

By the way, isn't Dolly Parton's harmony on this song is phenomenal?


Anonymous said...

I love the Brad Paisley, Dolly
Parton song. Thank you for putting
the video on your blog.
Ruth Ann Bradley

Joanne Reese said...

I appreciated the heart of your message today. God has been teaching me too, about how love and fear cannot co-exist. 1 John 4:18

Now that's enough to chew on for a lifetime.

Michele B said...

As a rule I'm NOT so much a Country-Western fan. But when the music comes from the heart, it transcends taste and succeeds on a higher level. I love this song on SO many levels!

And who has not been hurt (and hurt others), used (and used others), and disappointed (and disappointed others). I don't know the answer to that question. But do know that's MY profile for sure.

What a challenge. To leave my heart wide open. To love and have no fear. Each day, every day, in every situation, in every word. God, let me not run ahead of You! But run ahead of me and give me grace to catch up! (Oh! He does!)

Dolly Parton IS so awesome on harmony. My gosh, does she know the LORD or what?

And I think she really does!

heiniger said...

Very nice... don't tell anyone, but I'm a closet country fan. With the two year anniversary of Cindy's mom passing away, I plan to share this with her tonight.

Gracias... see you in a couple days : )